I was born and raised in New Jersey.  From my
earliest memory I loved to sketch and draw. At age
six I became totally blind due to an accident.  From
that time forward, I searched for an art form that
would satisfy my creative interests, but did not find
one for years.  

I attended Bucknell University in Lewsiburg,
Pennsylvania from 1971 to 1973.  I married in 1973
and moved to Davis, California.  There I graduated
with a BS Degree from the University of California at
Davis in June of 1975.


I have displayed and sold
my artistic creations in
Davis, Chester-Lake
Almanor and Gualala-Sea
Ranch.  I have assisted in
promoting basketry art
shows in Chester-Lake
Almanor and the Gualala Art
Center and have taught
numerous basketry
workshops for Feather River
Community College,
California School for the
Blind, and the Woodland
Seniors Group
I became a member of the Bay Area
Basket Makers Guild in 2003.

I was one of the artists who was  selected
to participate in the San Francisco
Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually
Insights 2009 Art Show from
October 5, 2009 to January 31, 2010. In
June & July 2010 I was selected as one of
the visiting artists at the San Francisco
Exploratorium to demonstrate basketry.
After raising our two children I became very  interested in coiled pine
needle basket making in 1996.
 In 1998 I badly sprained my ankle and
was unable to walk for six weeks.  During this period of recuperation, I
found a local basket maker who agreed to give me individual lessons in
coiled pine needle basketry.  The rest is history.

I enjoy gathering my basketry materials from all different kinds of
environments.   I have become more aware of my environment in my
search for shells, stones, bits of wood, dried pods and seeds as
embellishments for my creations. This type of “green” art is
environmentally friendly because it reduces pollution to our planet by
changing waste products into useful and decorative items. In addition,
my art form can be appreciated by both the blind and the sighted.  I get
my inspiration for my baskets from pottery, the beauty of the forest
with its natural ornamentation and the grandeur of sea life.  I
appreciate artwork that is both beautiful and practical.  
Golden Grandeur selected by Jury for Exhibition at
the Insights 2009 Show, Oct 5-Jan 31 2010
Helen Keller once said "the greatest challenge in being handicapped is
dealing with the attitudes of the non-handicapped towards us."  My
experience as a disabled person is that many non-disabled people often
focus on what I can't do rather than what I can do.  Disabled people
can do many things if we only try.  We just need to think out of the box
and do what we want to do rather than what others expect us to do.


January 23, 2001
April 26, 2015

My Outstanding
Guide Dog

Her puppy raiser  was
Claire Benson of
Denver, CO  and she
was trained at  Guide
Dogs for the Blind, San
Rafael, CA
by Lynn Kelleher

Ever watchful, ever caring
Ever loving, ever sharing
Guardian of my wandering pace
You brought me safely place to place

Your memory will linger on
From now and through eternal dawn
From now and through eternal dawn

O ever joyful in the morn
When walks we took them short and long
Your ever loving watchful eye
Has kept me safe when walking nigh

O how I miss the time we shared
Those happy days without a care

Your memory will linger on
From now and through eternal dawn
From now and through eternal dawn

One cannot measure kindness
One cannot measure care
One cannot measure loyalty
Until no longer there

Yet I will keep your memory
And it will linger on
From now and through my passing life
And through eternal dawn
And through eternal dawn
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